Sunday, 22 May 2016

Highland 550 crikey it's less than a week off!

Where has the last few months gone?
Sat at home on a glorious day trying to rest!  It's hard when the sun is shining and the trails from your doorstep are dry but it must be done with less than a week to the start of the Highland 550.  How do I feel at the mo?  Not sure!  Have I done enough biking?  Will I be fit enough?  Am I mentally ready to suffer?  Will the weather be glorious and let me battle through the leg ache as the amazing scenery of Scotland whizzes past?  Can I cope with 5 hours sleep a night or the thought of not having enough food? (I love my food)  Could my shoes cripple me on the hike a bike sections?  At least they will give my bum a rest!

I've spent the last few days constantly changing my mind of what I should or should not take, packed bags, unpacked bags, searched the internet for last minute panic buys.  Phew one decision has been made the bike I will take. My lovely Carver Gnarvester with plus wheels, it rode amazingly last week on the Jennride softening many bumps and technical sections.
Good luck to everyone else who is also trying to decide what to take, I'll probably decide and change my mind 10 minutes before the start.

Now  for a week of early nights, plenty of pasta and rest whilst following Howard with my fingers crossed for him on the trackleader.  I've been given some tips, read other people's blogs and the general banter on bearbones so now it's time to look closely at the maps and mark on FOOD.

One thing I know is I love Scotland and I can't wait to tackle old and new trails.  I just hope those midges are still sleeping.

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