Friday, 26 December 2014

Scotland over Christmas

 The first trip of the season to Scotland for skiing and climbing.  We left home with the hope of knee deep powder and wall to wall ice.  The snow was a bit lacking and the ice was missing as well with that said we had a great trip.  One day climbing in Coire an t'Sneachda on Spiral Gully which was in fine condition.  We had also been told that the tracks on Drumochter pass hold the snow well so the next day we headed up to the pass and there was just about enough snow to make it worth it ( it's always worth it). Finally we ditched the skis in the sloppy conditions for our running shoes and headed out.

Tracks near Drumochter

Fi heading to the top 

The way down not knee deep powder but still great fun.

She's off

Ascent tracks visible as we skied down. 

Sunset over the loch 

Quick run up the Valley to have a look at the snow.

Making our way home for tea 

Monday, 8 December 2014

First day of Winter( Bikes away skis out )

The first sign of snow and I was off hunting for snow. Tried to get up and over Kirkstone pass but the snow had other ideas so plan B park at Thirlspot and head up to Raise from that side. Decided to leave the skis and take the blades instead. The north face was not in condition.
Top of Kirkstone where I turned round in the van 

Blades on very soft snow for the descent

The lakes ski center

The North face of Helvellyn

Paul H

Monday, 27 October 2014

The first trip to test the kit.

The plan was to head to Scotland and have a go at the Border350 which is as the name says a 350 km route round the borders of Scotland.  So we set off on the Monday morning from Kendal and headed to Moffat the weather was not what we had ordered but we set off anyway.
The plan was to do as much as we could before it got dark and then set up camp but plans do not always happen. We left Moffat and headed for the hills through the forest on nice easy tracks to the open hill sides where the weather got worse!
We managed to get about 15 miles under the belt then we came across this.
 The draw towards it got to much for us due to the fact we were soaked to the skin and there was a stove with dry wood got the better of us.  That was it for the day.  The fire was lit and we made our selves at home.
The next day we had planned to carry on with the ride but when we got up the weather was worse than the day before.  So we made a new plan and that was to head to the main road then make a B line for the car.
A warm cosy cafe with tea, sausage butties and cake was a great welcome.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Good news the house has been sold! The plan was to live in the van but the bad news an  ILL van so we had to go for the back up plan. This was a small tour in the lakes with our bikepacking gear. The route was to head over to Waterhead then make our way to Wasdale then back hopefully in time to pick the van up in working order.

So we set off midday, the rough route started at Waterpark to Torver via Torver common then up Bummer Lane(Hummer Lane) over Stephensons ground to Seathwaite skirt Harter fell down into boot for some light refreshments (pint)and upwards to Burnmoor tarn for the camp.
Next day we headed off into Wasdale along the lake to Nether Wasdale over Great Bank to Eskdale Green.  Getting a bit wet. Over Birker fell to Ulpha then over the tops to Broughton Mills.  After that we retraced our steps back to the car and had a quick drive back for the van.
The House has Gone 

The new home for the next couple of days

The normal pre-start faffing time

The first off road bit of the day 

The stop for lunch cowering in the trees from the rain
The normal rideable hill but with bags not so easy 

Time to take five before the next hill 

Camp for the night 

A bike tour is not an adventure unless you carry your bike

Back in time to pick the van up and the new home for the next three weeks