Monday, 27 October 2014

The first trip to test the kit.

The plan was to head to Scotland and have a go at the Border350 which is as the name says a 350 km route round the borders of Scotland.  So we set off on the Monday morning from Kendal and headed to Moffat the weather was not what we had ordered but we set off anyway.
The plan was to do as much as we could before it got dark and then set up camp but plans do not always happen. We left Moffat and headed for the hills through the forest on nice easy tracks to the open hill sides where the weather got worse!
We managed to get about 15 miles under the belt then we came across this.
 The draw towards it got to much for us due to the fact we were soaked to the skin and there was a stove with dry wood got the better of us.  That was it for the day.  The fire was lit and we made our selves at home.
The next day we had planned to carry on with the ride but when we got up the weather was worse than the day before.  So we made a new plan and that was to head to the main road then make a B line for the car.
A warm cosy cafe with tea, sausage butties and cake was a great welcome.